How to Design Engaging Immersive Experiences?








30 mins

Metaverse is being built.

Within the past two years our lives, work, entertainment, social rituals and even medical care have migrated to a virtual environment.
Virtual worlds are evolving on a daily basis. Cultural norms are adapting accordingly. The value of NFTs and digital assets continue to soar.
With this shift comes a different kind of challenge for designers who have been tasked with creating next-generation tools and methods to shape our new reality.
What you are going to learn

  • How to approach design of virtual and hybrid spaces, experiences and even worlds;
  • Why immersive design is the pre-requisite for Web3 and the Metaverse;
  • Where to start with and what tools to use;
  • How to work with three-dimensional space as a storytelling canvas;
  • What navigation systems feel intuitive in spacial interfaces;
  • What creates immersion and makes experiences memorable;
  • How to build 3D interfaces without buttons, but with natural interaction such as voice, sight, gestures and movement.


Maryna Razakhatskaya

Immersive designer and award-winning creative technologist with over a decade of experience designing for the early Metaverse.

Pioneering immersive design through worldwide exhibited work, content, and methodologies.
Regular speaker at design & tech conferences: Interaction, UX STRAT, New York Creative Tech Week, Glug and IXDA events.

MSc Creative Technology.
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