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Introduction to Immersive Design

Are you a designer, product manager or storyteller interested in creating in the next iteration of Internet that goes beyond flat screens? Have you ever wondered what it takes to design immersive experiences?
Start learning immersive design today and evolve your knowledge and skills to be applied to design for the Metaverse.

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What you are going to learn

Why learning
Immersive Design?

With every product or experience to be present in the metaverse within the next decade, it’s crucial for:
  • designers
  • product managers
  • storytellers
to understand the basic principles, processes, and tools that help adapt to designing for the new environments where buttons and pages will be extinct.
Throughout this introductory course you will:

  • Understand how the advancements in technology and evolution of physical and digital space led to the development of Metaverse concept
  • Demystify the concept of Metaverse, it's challenges and opportunities, and how it affects the design industry
  • Navigate the field of immersive design from its early history to the recent three waves of evolution
  • Know the four key principles of immersive design 
  • Explain why brands invest in designing immersive experiences in Metaverse-like environments
  • Describe the role and skillset of an immersive designer through the lense of evolving design job market

Course reviews

"Helped me a lot to understand the field and get started with taking on immersive projects."
Rob White
Senior UX Designer
"Great way to get up-to-date with the recent developments around Metaverse to plan for your product strategy in the new Internet."
Darya Kartseva
Product Manager

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