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Knowledge and community hub for anyone interested in the field of immersive design and technology.
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Metaverse is being built.

Whether it’s virtual spaces or physical spaces augmented by interactive technologies, the future of design is three-dimensional.

Interfaces becoming touchless and screenless, we’re moving away from buttons and screens towards voice, gestures and haptics to interact within virtual worlds like we do it in the real world. 

With technology enabling natural interaction, this is the time of opportunity for design to become more user-centric than ever.

And here comes a new challenge for designers, who require new skills, methods and tools to design next-generation assets, products and experiences in the metaverse.

Who we are

Practicing Experts

When it comes to emerging tech, the knowledge is siloed in big tech companies. We break these silos by bringing cutting-edge specialists from their labs to share their knowledge and real-world expertise.

Instructional Designers

Learning doesn't have to be boring. We're here to create effective, efficient, and engaging learning experiences. Hence, the brightest minds of instructional design are on board.

A Growing Community

Building immersive experiences is a huge task and we are in this together: exploring, discovering, sharing. The community hub is open for building connections and peer-to-peer learning.

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Register your interest in learning all things immersive and stay tuned on courses launch dates. Join discussions and live webinars with experts. Meet peer immersive design enthusiasts and grow together as you learn.
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